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When it comes to making the decision about which accounting softwareis right for you, and is going to work for your specific business at the optimum level, there really is no need for it to be complicated. There are three factors and questions you should take into account when choosing the right accounting software:

  1. How much are you willing to pay?
  2. What do you need accounting software for?
  3. What features do you and your business require from an accounting software program?


How To Choose The Right Accounting Software

How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Your Accounting Software?

There are a slight variations in the costs which are impacted by the features you opt for. There are a few providers that will provide you with a subscription model or package, and you may even be able to use a free version that has basic functionalities or limitations when it comes to the number of users and clients. 

You could end up paying anything between $20 - $1000 per month. The features that will add to the price you pay include things like expense tracking, sales tracking, payroll services, company branding and many others – so just keep and eye out and be aware of the fine print. Read more bout the price of the top small business accounting software for Xero, MYOB, and QuickBooks.


Why Do You Need Accounting Software?

In order for you to make the decision about which accounting software is the right one for you and your business, you will need to clearly understand the primary reasons you need accounting software. Some businesses are capable of just using spreadsheets and handwritten ledgers to monitor and report everything, but most people find that accounting software can be far more time and cost efficient – making it the obviously better choice. 

Small Business Accounting Software Price

  • Are you just starting out? If you use online accounting software from the outset then it's going to line your business up for success; however, if you have been around for a substantial period of time and have been using spreadsheets you can benefit even more from the functionalities that accounting software can provide.
  • Is your business growing? If your business is planning to grow or expanding at a fast pace, then manual accounting could be complex and unproductive for you. Accounting software will certainly save your expanding business time and money, and the automated process makes personalised scalability accessible.
  • Do you want immediate, on-demand access? The best accounting software isn’t just about numbers; the software enables you to easily access the database of not only your financial information, but also your customer base. You are able to include all types of notes, facts and figures to your profile so that anything like your customer’s credit history can be on file for future access.
  • Are you looking to streamline your operations? If you are looking for your day-to-day transactions – like your payroll – to run smoother, then accounting software is ideal. The software is able to integrate all of your operations together and automatically input the necessary data from all your other systems – like your POS system. The accounting software is also able to link your bank accounts, making the tracking of your expenses and bookkeeping easier and more accurate than ever.
  • Is your current system too complicated? If you are currently using a software system that is not specifically designed for your small businesses, then you may find that you are over complicating the situation and making your life more difficult. You are much likelier to get more from it and a better result if you opt for a system that is specifically designed for a business of your size.
  • Do you want to ensure that you are complying with the laws, rules and regulations? The last thing you want to have to do is stress that your business is not complying by the law, and if you don’t know much about generally accepted accounting principles, tax laws and other financial regulations, then you could get yourself and your business into trouble accidently. Most accounting software programs will do the thinking for you and get you through those complex time and ensure you comply.

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Which Accounting Software Features Does Your Business Need?

There are a multitude of technical functions that accounting software has to offer, as well as capabilities that are going to aid you in the management of your finances. As a business owner, if you are going to take on an accounting software solution, then you are probably looking for something that is easy to use and is going to eventually save you time. 

The Best Accounting Software For Small Businesses

Here are some of the features accounting software small business should offer to help you save time and better manage your finances:

  • As a small business, you may be able to just make do with an accounting software solution that offers and covers the basics in terms of functions; invoicing, income and expense tracking, financial report generation, and client and vendor management.
  • Automatic billing, payments and other automated processes will save you time and stress as you will not have to manually do them yourself, and risk the chance of forgetting.
  • You can personalize, and customize your templates for when you create quotes and estimates for clients – which can then be automatically converted into invoices.
  • Your accounting software is going to be beneficial to both you and your accountant because it has the ability to help you with your taxes. The automatic tax calculations, tax rates and reporting features will provide you with the capability to instantly email all your necessary data and files to your account.
  • The multi-user access feature that most accounting software products include give you the chance to opt out of going at everything alone.
  • Accounting software makes the payroll process a lot easier by doing all of the calculations and print checks for you.
  • Cloud based accounting software enables you to access your accounts anywhere at anytime using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop etc. if you are a business owner that is constantly on the go and struggle to find time to sit at your computer and manage your books then this is going to be particularly useful for you and your business.
  • Accounting software makes it easier for you to run your business by enabling easy third-party integration and automatically inputting real-time data from apps like your point of sale system and google apps.


Choosing The Right Accounting Software

To ensure that you get the best accounting software for you and your business, make sure you query with your vendor:

  • Is your software built for small businesses?
  • Is your software a good fit for my industry?
  • Do you offer customized solutions to fit my business's needs?
  • How many employees and clients can your software accommodate?
  • How can your software help me comply with tax laws and financial regulations?
  • How is my data backed up? Can access be restored immediately during an outage?
  • What security measures do you have in place to keep my data secure?
  • What is the total cost? Are there any setup or cloud storage fees?
  • What types of tech support and customer service do you provide?

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