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It can sometimes feel impossible balancing the work it takes to manage your salon and keep your clients looking their best. The right salon software can lighten your load and keep you focused on what’s most important — world-class hair and beauty services!


10 Best Salon Software

The Top Ranked Salon Software In 2017

But how do you choose the right salon software with so many options available? We have researched the current market, and have compiled the ten best hair salon software and beauty software available in 2017:


1. Timely

Timely is beautifully designed appointment booking software that strives to make running your salon easier. With a few simple clicks, users can manage both customer appointments and staff scheduling. This salon appointment booking software works seamlessly on your desktop PC or Mac, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Reduce the amount of time you spend on the phone, and instead take control of the booking process with Timely. 

Timely Salon Appointment Software

Timely Features

A full list of Timely’s many features can be found on our Timely features page, but some of the best features include:

  • "Reschedule" and "Book next" options for easy appointment management.
  • Customers can book directly into your calendar using a universal booking button.
  • Assign staff members to invoices for commission tracking.
  • Accept online payment for bookings using an online payment gateway.
  • View a summary of appointments, sales, notes, and messaging history for any customer.
  • Set up email and SMS notification and reminder rules for individual customers.
  • Customers can book an appointment straight from your Facebook page.

Salon Software Timely


Timely Pricing

Timely’s pricing structure includes two price points and a third option that allows you to customize the software for an unnamed price.

  • Schedule - $15 per month, per bookable staff member. This option includes advanced calendar, automated reminders, and marketing tools.
  • Schedule and Sell - $20 per month, per bookable staff member. This option includes a complete front and back office solution with powerful calendaring, POS, payments, and invoicing.
  • Tailored - This option is for a big team that needs all the best features and tools. Contact Timely for more information.


2. Mindbody

Mindbody focuses on small business owners who operate health, wellness, and beauty companies. This innovative piece of software eases the process of booking clients, accepting payments, and managing staff. The coolest Mindbody feature is the ability to create beautiful custom apps. These branded mobile apps allow customers to view, book, and pay for appointments. Customers can also see deals and promotions, and share their visit on social media instantly.


Mindbody Features

There is a full list of features on Mindbody’s website, but some of the features we think are most valuable are:

  • Built-in marketing tools help you to attract new customers, increase your marketing and engagement, then track the success of your efforts.
  • Simple online booking.
  • Automated emails to reach out to clients on your behalf after a predetermined amount of time.
  • Promotion codes and gift cards to encourage referrals.
  • A personalized online store.
  • Personal client profiles that include contact and payment information, schedules and visits remaining.
  • Staff member have unique logins, so they can check their schedules anywhere.
  • And more!


Mindbody Pricing

Mindbody have four pricing structures:

  • Starter - $75 per month. This plan includes entry level features for managing your schedule, selling services, and streamlining tasks.
  • Pro - $125 per month. This is the most popular plan, and it includes features that identify growth opportunities and expand your services.
  • Accelerate - $195 per month. This plan helps you to expand your reach and increase engagement with advanced retention and marketing tools.
  • Ultimate - $290 per month. Mindbody’s most expensive plan will help you to elevate your brand with custom mobile apps, extensive analytics, and enterprise-grade features.

Salon Management Software

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3. Vagaro

Vagaro is powerful hair salon and beauty software for all sizes of salons, whether you are a one-man-show or operate multiple locations with dozens of stylists. Vagaro’s software includes powerful tools for email marketing, online booking, and customer retention. Users are also added to the Vagaro Beauty Search Engine, which is used by millions to search for salons and spas.


Vagaro Features

There is a full list of features on Vagaro’s website, but some of the features we think are most valuable are:

  • Reschedule or change an appointment with a simple drag and drop.
  • Use Popup Notes as reminders for your customers' needs during their appointments.
  • Set up recurring appointments for your regulars.
  • Automatically accept all online appointments or require requests for appointments based on your desired criteria.
  • Customers can book an appointment directly from Google search results.
  • Automated email reminders are sent to your clients for their upcoming appointments.
  • Promote your specials, sales, and discounts with daily deals.
  • View the status of your sales, appointments, and service providers right from the dashboard.


Vagaro Pricing

Vagaro is priced per service provider using the software. This number does not include front desk staff, only employees who require an individual calendar. 

  • $25 per month for one user.
  • $35 per month for two users.
  • $45 per month for three users.
  • $55 per month for four users.
  • $65 per month for five users.
  • $75 per month for six users.
  • And $85 per month for seven or more users.


4. Phorest Salon Software

Phorest is a software platform that helps salon owners manage their appointments, clients, stock, and staff. This software strives to make you a master of retention marketing. This type of marketing brings existing clients back more often and spending more money. Phorest provides salon owners with tools to increase average spend, increase client visits, and increase referrals. 


Phorest Salon Software Features

There is a full list of features on Phorest website, but some of the features we think are most valuable are:

  • Automatically track overdue clients.
  • Send clients a ready-made SMS or email message from their preferred stylist.
  • Promote before and after photos of satisfied clients.
  • Take bookings 24/7 via your website and Facebook page.
  • Cloud-based client cards include colour, medical history, patch tests, etc.
  • Powerful point-of-sale tools.
  • Salon-branded reward cards for loyal customers.
  • Auto low-stock prompts.
  • Send automated thank you emails and encourage reviews.


Phorest Salon Software Pricing

Phorest encourages potential clients to contact them for a personalized quote for their beauty salon software. Pricing details are not available on their website.

Salon Software Australia

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5. Marketing 360

Marketing 360 is a combination of digital marketing software and marketing services. This software is a fully managed solution that gives salon owners access to a Marketing Executive who will manage and optimize your marketing campaigns and website for you. Marketing 360’s goal is to provide business owners with digital marketing software and highly skilled professional marketing services through a single, affordable platform.


Marketing 360 Features

There is a full list of features on Marketing 360’s website, but some of the features we think are most valuable are:

  • Earn more organic sales and higher keyword rankings with the leading SEO software program.
  • Retargeting ads.
  • Analyse of the social profile of your prospective customers.
  • Add, update, sync, enhance, and monitor your business listings.
  • Control your reputation online and protect your brand.
  • Leverage world-class marketing talent like marketers, designers, writers, and video pros on demand.
  • Manage your contacts with the easy to use and powerful Marketing 360 CRM.


Marketing 360 Pricing

Marketing 360 prompts potential clients to contact them for a personalized quote. Pricing details are not available on their website.


6. When I Work

When I Work is a feature-rich and user-friendly shift scheduling platform that works well on both phones and desktops. When I Work strives to save managers time when scheduling employees for work. The platform offers multiple ways to add employees and a variety of options to create daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. Employees are given the power to input their availability on a calendar. This intuitive software also allows employees to pick-up, drop, and swap shifts.


When I Work Features

There is a full list of features on When I Work’s website, but some of the features we think are most valuable are:

  • Add and invite your employees in seconds.
  • Staff stay connected to their work schedules 24/7 with text message alerts, mobile scheduling apps, and email notifications.
  • Quickly find qualified and eligible staff to cover a shift at the last minute.
  • Request a replacement using "Shift Replace" and only qualified and eligible employees are presented.
  • View the entire week’s schedule, and move shifts easily from person-to-person, day-to-day.
  • Make your schedule run smoother by viewing each employee's availability and preferences as you build the schedule.
  • Employees can make vacation and time-off requests directly from their mobile phones or PCs.
  • A group texting tool that allows you to easily send custom text messages to your staff.


When I Work Pricing

When I Work is free for up to 75 employees. Mid-market salons and enterprises should contact When I Work to receive a quote.


7. Millennium SpaSalon

Millennium SpaSalon automates appointment booking, streamlines point-of-sale, drives marketing, and manages inventory all in one software platform. This software works for any size salon, from solo operations to multi-location salons. Millennium SpaSalon is also a one-stop-shop when it comes to hardware — their salon experts can recommend computer systems, barcode scanners, and other devices you may need to run your operation.


Millennium SpaSalon Features

There is a full list of features on Millennium SpaSalon’s website, but some of the features we think are most valuable are:

  • 24/7 online booking.
  • Smart salon appointment book that will alert the front desk when there is an opportunity to increase revenue.
  • Confirm client appointments and send appointment reminders via text message notifications.
  • Split-line commissions, secure credit card processing, put transactions on hold, and more.
  • A dashboard of real-time data.
  • Automatic purchase orders that are sent right to the distributor.
  • A snapshot look into your business in real-time.
  • Millennium reporting will guide and teach you important ways to grow your business.


Millennium SpaSalon Pricing

Millennium SpaSalon offers two pricing structures. You can see more pricing on their website, but here is a brief overview:

  • For one to five service providers - $69 per month.
  • For six or more service providers - $99 per month.

Salon POS Software

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8. Versum

Versum is a web-based spa and salon management system. This intuitive software gives you the tools you need to manage all your appointments, customers, and finances in one place. Versum makes booking appointments a breeze for both new and returning customers. In addition to booking appointments, Versum is a powerful marketing tool — the marketing automation feature enables you to launch effective marketing campaigns with ease.


Versum Features

There is a full list of features on Versum website, but some of the features we think are most valuable are:

  • Versum gathers data on your customers, creating a useful customer base.
  • Available filters allow you to single out customers according to what services they use, how often they visit your salon, and what their preferences are.
  • Business intelligence features help you optimise performance, increase income, and improve cost-effectiveness.
  • Product and service sales statistics help you predict income.
  • Reminders are sent out automatically.
  • Run effective promotional campaigns with SMS and email bulk messaging.
  • Marketing Automation monitors your customer base to check which of your customers haven’t scheduled an appointment for a long period of time.
  • And more!


Versum Pricing

Versum offers two pricing structures. You can see more pricing on their website, but here is a brief overview:

  • Solo - $25 per month for 1 user.
  • Basic - $39 per month for 2-6 employees.
  • Medium - $69 per month for 7-12 employees.
  • Pro - $109 per month for 12 or more employees.
  • Enterprise - Custom quotes are available for multi-location chains.



9. Insight Salon Software

Insight Salon Software’s user-friendly interface makes booking appointments and managing your salon fool-proof. Insight’s software is like a virtual assistant, a bookkeeper, a marketing guru, and a business coach rolled into you. Since 1991, Insight Salon Software has been custom-building software for salons big and small.


Insight Salon Software Features

There is a full list of features on Insight’s website, but some of the features we think are most valuable are:

  • Manage staff scheduling, payroll, and chair or room rental.
  • Obtain and store client information quickly.
  • Track client products, services, referral, and appointment history.
  • Cash out clients quickly and accurately.
  • Over 80 reports to help you analyze sales, appointments, clients, employees, inventory, and management.
  • Access schedules, reports, and everything else from wherever you want.
  • Set up an automated or manual text message or email to confirm appointments, advertise specials, and replace last minute cancellations and more.
  • Allow your employees to book, edit, and cancel their appointments on their mobile device.


Insight Salon Software Pricing

Insight Salon Software offers two pricing structures. You can see more pricing on their website, but here is a brief overview:

  • Solo Edition - $35 per month for a single employee.
  • Partner Edition - $55 per month for 2-3 employees.
  • Growth Edition - $70 per month for 4-6 employees.
  • Small Business Edition - $85 per month for 7-12 employees.
  • Enterprise Edition - $125 per month for unlimited employees.


10. Frederick

Frederick is a marketing automation platform powered by artificial intelligence. This high-tech software was created to help small businesses grow. Frederick helps salon owners increase business, improve online reputations, and encourage referrals. This software ensures your salon is always busy with targeted email and text marketing campaigns to the right customer at the right time. It then automatically encourages your happy customers to post positive reviews and refer their friends. Frederick’s smart marketing tools have helped users see an average revenue growth of 30% year over year.


Frederick Features

There is a full list of features on Frederick’s website, but some of the features we think are most valuable are:

  • Prevent lost revenue by automatically promoting last minute availability.
  • Automatically drive more visits on the days you need it.
  • Motivate customers with custom promotions that you can send in under 60 seconds.
  • Keeps your clients coming back with perfectly timed reminders to re-book.
  • Promote packages and memberships to the right clients at the right time.
  • Increase positive online reviews and control how your business is seen online.
  • Capture actionable client feedback to ensure you maintain a high quality of service.
  • And more!


Frederick Pricing

Frederick’s pricing structure is based on the number of salons you’ll have using the software. Prices start at $49 per month for one salon. Read more about Frederick’s pricing on their website.



Free Salon Software Recommendation

We realise that pricing and features aren't going to be the only factors involved in choosing the right salon software for your business, feel free to use our free app recommendation tool. By answering just a few key questions about your business, it can recommend which apps you could benefit from the most.


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